1FATP8UH3K5159596 Ford Mustang 2019 Blue 2.3L

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1FATP8UH3K5159596 Ford Mustang 2019 Blue 2.3L

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Ford Mustang 2019 Blue 2.3L vin: 1FATP8UH3K5159596

Lot sold for 20900

Auction: I buy fast

Lot number: 28658375

Date of sale: 12.05.2019

Year: 2019

VIN: 1FATP8UH3K5159596

Condition: Run and Drive

Engine: 2.3L I4 N

Mileage: 827 miles (Actual)

Seller: Avis Budget Group

Documents: CLEAR (Florida)

Location: Orlando (FL)

Estimated Retail Value:

Transmission: Automatic

Body color: Blue

Drive: Rear Wheel Drive

Fuel: Gasoline

Keys: Present

Notes: Not specified

We’ll have to spend some more time with it before we have a verdict on what it’s like to live with, but the GT350 is certainly one of the most fun cars we’ve tested.
We’ve long heard about the GT350 and its magnificent engine. After finally getting some seat time, it’s clear that the Shelby lives up to the hype. Sure, it’s effortlessly fast and a bargain, but the screaming motor and stellar exhaust note is what makes this one of the most special cars on sale.
All of this means that the 2019 GT350 has more grip to maximize performance, especially at high speeds. Outside of performance upgrades, the GT350 now offers a B&O stereo and two new shades of blue.
That’s why, between the EcoBoost High Performance Package, GT Performance Package, Bullitt, Shelby GT500 and Shelby GT350, there’s never been a more capable stable full of Mustangs to choose from. But the GT350, might be the most special of the bunch.
The Ford Mustang Shelby GT350 was introduced for the 2016 model year to critical acclaim. Most of the praise went to the massive, 5.2-liter V-8 that’s special to the GT350 and its more-aggressive sibling, the GT350R. Unlike the GT350R, though, the standard-issue Shelby gets some notable upgrades for 2019.

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1FATP8UH3K5159596 Most sports cars, including the 2019 Mustang, have starting prices near $25,000. The MSRP for the entry-level EcoBoost Fastback starts at $25,845; add an extra $5,500 for the soft-top equivalent. The all-new Ford Mustang Bullitt comes with a $46,595 sticker price. Ford has not yet announced pricing for the 2019 Mustang Shelby GT350 or GT350R.
The rear-wheel-drive Mustang is agile and comfortable, conceding slightly on each to compromise for the other but rarely succumbing to the negative qualities of either characteristic. Performance upgrades are not necessary to have an athletic 1FATP8UH3K5159596 pony car, but it is worthwhile to add Ford's MagneRide if there is room in your budget. This rapidly adjusting suspension system makes the Mustang feel even more composed when you're taking it over twisty roads.

1FATP8UH3K5159596 Ford Mustang 2019 Blue 2.3L
1FATP8UH3K5159596 Ford Mustang 2019 Blue 2.3L
1FATP8UH3K5159596 Ford Mustang 2019 Blue 2.3L
1FATP8UH3K5159596 Ford Mustang 2019 Blue 2.3L
1FATP8UH3K5159596 Ford Mustang 2019 Blue 2.3L

The Dodge Charger 1FATP8UH3K5159596 R/T Scat Pack is a 392 C.I., 485 horsepower beast that’s no slouch–an American muscle car in the truest sense. Even with four doors, the Charger Scat pack blasts off from a standstill with an authority that no other sedan that Consumer and Car Exam has tested can touch up to this point.
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